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IRMS Award Recipients

Recipients of the IRMS Lifetime Achievement Award

2016 Roger Poole  
2015 Claire Graham Southern Health & Social Care Trust
2014 John Wilson & Collin Crooks JMW Mosaic Ltd & Independent Consultant
2013 Sue Garland  Diageo
2012 Susan Healy  TNA
2011 Christopher Johnson Lincolnshire County Council
2010 Alison North AN Information Ltd
2009 Elizabeth Barber  Kent County Council
2008 Mike Steemson  
2007 Richard Blake  
2006 Dr Anne Thurston  

Recipients of IRMS Professional of the Year Award

2016 Michael Read Alex Fitzgerald, Barry Moult, Jamie McDonald
2015 Vicky Beddall  
2014  Michele Noad Jane Proffitt
2013  Claire Johnson  
2012 Jenny Godfrey  
2011 Roger Poole  
2010 Gordon Hobbs  
2009 Cerys Ledger Ava Wieclawska
2008 Heather Jack  
2007 Ken Glasgow  
2006 Jamie Burton  
2005 Dr. Julie McLeod  
2004 (No award)  
2003 (No award)  
2002 Alistair Tough  
2001 Clotilde Wang  
2000 Philip Jones  
1999 Carl Newton  
1998 Richard Bennett  
1997 Bob McLean  
1996 Jean Samuel  

Recipients of the IRMS Alison North award for New Professionals

2016 Abigail Wharne Sunny Seregen, Katherine O'Keeffe
2015 Vanessa Platt  Sian Angharad Morgan, Joe Chapman
2014 Jonathan Ellis  
2013 Billal Ghafoor & Hannah Burling Sarah Palmer & Dr Maryam Borumand 
2012 Scott Sammons  
2011 Deidre Allison  
2010 Alison Barnard  

Recipients of the IRMS Team of the Year Award

2016 Warwickshire County Council Chelmsford City Council, London Borough of Barnet
2015 British Land plc Cyngor Caerphilly Council
2014 Belfast Health and Social Care Trust RM & DP Team  
2013 The National Archives of Scotland Public Records (Scotland) Act Implementation Team  
2012 WASPI Implementation Team  
2011 Somerset County Council  
2010 Staffordshire County Council  
2009 Network Rail
  • Camden Children, Schools and Families Records Team
  • Diageo
  • Wirral Council
2008 European Central Bank Records Management Specialists
  • Unilever Archives and Records Management
2007 Scottish Executive
  • University of Dundee, Centre for Archive & Information Studies
  • Falkirk Council, Corporate Records Team
  • National Library of Wales, Digital Preservation Team
2006 Cairn Energy plc  
2005 University of Edinburgh  
2004 Central Business Records Team, Deutsche Bank  


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