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"IRMS London Seminar on GDPR", Summary of IRMS London Meeting, 03/08/2017 - GDPR - Implementation and Practical Considerations

Posted By Lara Nelson, 28 October 2017

Here is a summary of the IRMS London GDPR event that took place in August this year, written by attendee Clare George.

25 May 2018 is a date that all record managers will have been focused on for some time, but as an archivist, I must admit that I have only recently started to think about what my organisation needs to do before the GDPR comes into force in eight months’ time. The talk by Mark Taylor, a data protection lawyer, on preparing for the GDPR, provided an extremely useful introduction.

Mark began by explaining that the (EU-based) GDPR should be seen more as a philosophical principle establishing individual rights on data as a human right, rather than as a set of hard and fast rules. Applying the GDPR will require a good deal of interpretation and much will depend on the UK’s national guidelines, which are still being written.

The GDPR will be much more complex and the requirements much stricter than the current Data Protection Act. Penalties for non-compliance will also be much higher, and in contrast to the current situation, non-compliant data processors as well as data controllers will face sanctions. Organisations will need to show not just that they are complying, but also how and why.

Mark’s main focus was on implementing GDPR within organisations, for which he suggested a 6-step approach:

1) Lay the foundations by getting senior management buy-in, identifying key departments and ensuring that the necessary resources and budget are agreed.

2) Review in detail what your organisation does (what personal data is held where, what is done with it, where it came from etc: the entire lifecycle of the personal data you have)

3) Work out where the gaps are between where the organisation is now and where it needs to be. Use e.g. questionnaires or interviews.

4) Implementation proper. At this stage it is vital to think about how to train staff and raise awareness of GDPR throughout the organisation.

5) Consider the future, and to incorporate last-minute guidance from the ICO. 6) Monitor and maintain projects, and keep up with any changes which are introduced after May 2018.

Obviously all of this will entail a huge amount of work and a change in culture within most organisations. However, as Mark suggested, information managers can present GDPR preparation not simply as the challenge of meeting new externally-imposed requirements, but as an opportunity for organisations to improve their overall data standards and get their data systems into good shape.

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Next IRMS London Event: 3rd August 2017, "GDPR – implementation and practical considerations"

Posted By Administration, 23 July 2017

Please join the IRMS London group for a topical session on the EU General Data Protection Regulation with Mark Taylor, Partner at Osborne Clarke LLP. The event will run with a focus on implementation and practical considerations. GDPR has been in gestation for over 5 years, and we are now in the final stage: implementation by May 2018.  However, despite those time periods, definitive guidance from the ICO and Article 29 Working Party remains in short supply. With implementation required in under 10 months, what should organisations be doing in practice to get ready?

Mark Taylor is a Partner at Osborne Clarke LLP, where leads the UK data protection team. Mark is currently actively involved in advising clients on GDPR implementation issues across a range of sectors. He is recommended by Chambers and other legal directories ("extremely knowledgeable and commercial"), and is a Trustee of the Society for Computers and Law.

Our usual format for the evening will include networking, sandwiches, tea and coffee from 5.30pm-6.30pm followed by Mark's session at 6.30pm-8pm with time for questions.

The meeting will be held at Lloyd's Banking Group Headquarters, meeting room 1 (on the ground floor), 25 Gresham Street, EC2V 7HN. The closest tube stations are St Paul's, Bank, and Mansion House.

Please book your free place here:

IRMS London looks forward to seeing you all on Thursday 3rd August.

Lara Nelson

London Group Chair, IRMS

Web | Twitter | Facebook

Tags:  #IRMSLon #GDPR #Dataprotection #Recordsmanagement  

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"You say potato": Summary of IRMS London Meeting, 06/07/2017 - ISO15489:2016 - a new beginning?

Posted By Administration, 23 July 2017

Here is a summary of the IRMS London ISO15489:2016 event that took place in July this year, written by attendee Siobhan King.

“You say potato”

It takes a certain level of grace and charm, as well as records management expertise to bring a standard to life as we learned at the latest IRMS London Group event. Something which was provided to us by Alan Shipman, who took us through the process of reviewing the newest version of ISO15489:2016. Alan took us through the process of drafting the new version of the standard covering off the reasons for the new update, difference between the old version and the new, along with upcoming developments in records standards.

Part One of the standard covers off concepts and principles, while there are working groups working on the following topics to be published in Part Two:

• Metadata

• Records management

• Management systems for records

• Disposition • Enterprise Architecture

• Appraisal

• Systems design for records

• Records in the cloud

It was noted that the issues the profession faced when ISO15489 was first drafted have moved on at pace. There was a very lively discussion about the currency of standards, and how they hold up in business environments constantly under the pressure of change. Of course, blockchain and AI were discussed, as well as GDPR, as sometimes opposing forces within workplaces.

Alan pointed us in the direction of standards that support records management. I was grateful to be made aware of ISO27018 which is a code of practice for the protection of PII in the cloud and the ISO:30300 series which is about the management systems for records.

Concepts and definitions of records management do differ slightly around the globe. Words don’t always translate perfectly between languages or hemispheres, adding an extra challenge to reaching a consensus on an international standard. As a Kiwi working in the UK, I personally am aware of the differences, but also the commonalities which allows an international standard to be agreed. Despite the pressures of time and geography, it is comforting to know that principles of good recordkeeping remain the same.

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Next IRMS London Event: 6th July 2017, ISO 15489:2016 – a new beginning? at OFWAT

Posted By Administration, 10 June 2017

Please join the IRMS London group for an informative and interactive session led by Alan Shipman on "ISO 15489:2016 – a new beginning?" ISO 15489 was originally published in 2001, as a 2 part document. A lot has changed with Records Management since that time, so the ISO committee of experts decided to review and update the publication. This has resulted in the 2016 version of ISO 15489. The question is: is this really a new beginning for RM standardisation or is it just a revamp of the old document?

Alan has been involved in Document Management Standards for over 30 years, specialising in user aspects. He is Chairman of the BSI Document Management Applications committee, and is convenor of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) Document Management Quality sub-committee. Alan is currently Managing Director and Principal Consultant for Group 5 Training Limited. Group 5 Training provide consultancy services relating to the practical implementation of the Data Protection Act 1998, to the International Standard on Records Management (ISO 15489) and to the BS ISO 27000 series (Information Security Management).

The session is designed to facilitate discussion, focussing on existing and planned guidance on good records management practice. It will look at the concepts included in ISO 15489:2016 to see if they fit with general UK practice; will identify any issues that might arise and identify additional guidance needed. In particular, issues related to retention, disposal and archiving will be discussed – particularly important in the current GDPR implementation phase.

Our usual format for the evening will include networking, sandwiches, tea and coffee from 5.30pm-6.30pm followed by Alan's session at 6.30pm-8pm with time for questions. The meeting will be held at the OFWAT offices in meeting room 4 on 21 Bloomsbury Street, London. The closest tube stations are Tottenham Court Road, Goodge Street, and Holborn.

Please book your free place here:

IRMS London looks forward to seeing you all on Thursday 6th July.

Lara Nelson

London Group Chair, IRMS

Tags:  ISO15489:2016 Standards Recordsmanagement 

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Summary of IRMS London meeting, 02/3/17 – Email Preservation – Which? Why? How long?

Posted By Administration, 10 June 2017
Here is a summary of the IRMS London Email Preservation event that took place in March this year, written by attendee Vanessa Platt.

David Bowen from Audata Ltd. presented an informative talk interspersed with a healthy degree of organised discussion and debate. In summary, there were three key takeaway points for me.  

When considering which emails your organisation needs to keep, analyse your current practices and the organisational appetite for risk in your particular environment, and use this knowledge for communicating effectively with senior stakeholders and staff about email preservation. 

Take the time to get the method of capturing emails for preservation right for your organisation: explore user approaches and behaviours towards managing email, and to records management more generally, and don’t rush to purchase new software or reinvent the wheel. Tools can help address legacy email in particular, but managing current and future email inevitably involves people, who will always be able to beat the system - so focus on the benefits, provide training, be realistic, and limit opportunities for circumventing a new system or process. Remember no system is perfect!

Give thought to the longer term accessibility needs of your captured email records from the start. Consider format and the significance of maintaining specific elements of the email content and context, like links, attachments and email addresses and other metadata. After all, the emails that are really lost are those that have become unreadable – not the ones hidden in personal mailboxes.

This was an excellent event which covered all of the essential requirements for tackling this challenging area. Thanks to David, Lara and Ofwat for hosting, and to former IRMS Chair Meic Pierce-Owen for vicariously providing some light relief from all the seriousness in the form of some quaiche-based antics from last year’s Conference (photos courtesy of RM Girl).

Tags:  EmailPreservation 

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IRMS London Group Schedule for 2017 and 2017 Mailing List

Posted By Administration, 10 June 2017

Dear all,


Welcome to the IRMS London Group Blog!


Please find below the Group's schedule for this year.


If you would like to join the 2017 IRMS London mailing list, please email the group at


IRMS London Group Events Schedule for 2017


—"Preserving E-mails – Which? Why? How long?“ with David Bowen, Director of Audata, Ltd, Thursday 2nd March, at OFWAT

—‘ISO 15489:2016 – a new beginning?’ with Alan Shipman, Director of Group 5 Training Ltd, Thursday 6th July, at OFWAT

—'How to implement GDPR in an organisation' with Mark Taylor, Partner for Osborne Clarke LLP, Thursday 3rd August, (venue to be confirmed)

—‘Redeveloping an information asset management framework’ with Tony McQuaid, Knowledge and Information Assurance Manager at NS&I, Thursday 2nd November, at OFWAT


Lara Nelson

IRMS London Chair

Tags:  EmailPreservation  GDPR  informationassetmanagementframeworks  IRMS17  ISO15489:2016 

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