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18 November 2005 - Ireland Group Meeting

The Records Management Society newest regional group ?RMS IRELAND? met for a discussion meeting on the 18th November held at the Dublin City Library & Archive in Pearse Street, Dublin. After coffee, the 14 delegates were welcomed by Lawrence Rodgers (RMS Executive Committee Secretary) who gave a short presentation on the aims and objectives of the society and how it helps its members in a support function, providing leadership and improving the status of its members and profession.

Instigating discussion, Lawrence asked due to the relative low numbers of members in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, is the group actually viable? A quick show of hands indicated that at least a third of those people present were in fact, not members of the society! The original notice of the meeting had obviously been circulated to record managers outside of the society reinforcing one of the original assumptions that there were many record managers who needed the support function of such a group! Lawrence went on to explain that the RMS as a whole, were determined in building relationships with other similar organisations such as the Society of Archivists, CILIP etc and that it was hoped that contact could be made with these groups in the region for mutual benefit and support. Finn O?Driscoll indicated she had connections with SoA Ireland and would be able to keep the group informed of activities.

Lawrence then indicated that the preferred structure of the group was to have at least 3 RMS members as officers, however after discussion, the group decided that an acting committee of 5 members was preferred and 5 volunteers found! Acting Chair will be Robert Corbett of Belfast City Council assisted by Brendan Murphy (Health Service Executive, Mid Western Area); Pat Reidy (Xyea) as officers; Martin Bradley (Archives Consulting Services); and Sarah Hayes (European Foundation) supporting. The group agreed that in the short term, the main focus would be the building and establishment of the group, the establishment of the support function from the RMS Executive committee and to initiate meetings by holding the first meeting in March 2006. Robert Corbett kindly offered the meeting facilities at Belfast City Council and would lead the co-ordination of that meeting. A mix of presentations was agreed to interest old and new record managers alike and to encourage people to attend.

The meeting finished with an air of both enthusiasm and opportunity that the group would be fulfilling a need within the area and that only positive results would ensue. The group welcomes members for all aspects of the record management industry and hopes to facilitate in the first instance, a networking function for its members via email and then by a co-ordinated programme of meetings.

Many thanks must go to Mary Clark and her staff at the City Library for kindly enabling us to uses their facilities, Zoe Smyth for ensuring a wide distribution of the meeting notice and to all those who travelled from all over the region to attend.

18 Nov 05 Agenda  (DOC, 48 KB)

18 Nov 05 Draft Constitution (DOC, 39 KB)

18 Nov 05 RMS Presentation (PPT, 287.7 KB)


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