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On Thursday, 23 June 2016,  IRMS Ireland held their annual joint training event with ARA Ireland on ‘How to Champion your work: a practical workshop for archivists and records managers’.

In the illustrious surroundings of Belfast City Hall, members from both organisations took time out from their daily tasks to look at strategies for gaining support for their work within their organisations. 

With the guidance of Catherine Heaney of DHR Communications, they considered the importance of communication, of having a story to tell, of engaging with users and letting them know what they stand to gain from the project. 

They practised elevator proposals, making a pitch on the fly and briefly to the person who could make that important decision concerning the archives or records management programme.    

After lunch Liam Wylie showed how support was gained through demonstrating the reputational and financial value of the RTE archives, and he gave some great practical guidance for implementing an archives project. 

Deirdre Allison using an extended tennis metaphor, showed how with tenacity and humour a records management programme can be successful where it really matters.  It was game, set and match to Deirdre who has garnered awards and great success along with her records management team at Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. 

Presentations from the meeting are now available.


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