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The IRMS London is an informal networking group for anyone interested in Records Management, Information Assurance, Information Governance, FOI, Data Protection - in fact anything 'Information and Records Management' related. We vary our themes throughout the year. There is no charge to attend events which we try to hold every 6-8 weeks at varying venues in Central London. All meetings are held in the evening.

We usually gather from 5.30pm for an hour's worth of informal networking over sandwiches, tea and coffee. The meetings themselves start at 6.30pm and finish at 8pm.

Meetings are advertised in the following ways:

London Group Officers:

   Lara Nelson   Chair 
Lara Nelson; Lara has worked in various Archives and Records Management roles for a number of organisations over the last 6 years. Such organisations have ranged from Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club to the Medical Research Council. She currently works for Imperial College London in the College Archives and Corporate Records Unit. She is passionate about email preservation and retention and disposition scheduling.


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