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11 May 2010 - London Group

The group met at British Land to discuss the theme of ''managing retention in the 21st century''.

Retention scheduling is the art of identifying what you need to keep, and how long you need to keep it for. It has always been a core task of records management. The volumes of content created, sent and received by our organisations are far higher than they have ever been. Does that mean that retention scheduling is more important than ever? Or is it now an impossible task?

For this meeting, we assembled a panel of records management practitioners and consultants to answer group questions on retention. The panel's experience spanned both the public and the private sectors, and included Alison North of the Genuine Group and Zoe Rowland of the London Borough of Hackney.

We had a lively and information discussion, well attended by over 40 records managers. Discussions included:

  • Can you outsource the management of retention?
  • Managing retention schedules effectively within an EDRMS
  • How to apply retention policy outside an EDRMS
  • The retention of email
  • How to apply retention schedules in a global organisation
  • Is it worth managing non-records?
  • How to apply retention rules to databases

The meeting opened at 5.30pm for sandwiches, discussions opened at 6.30 and closed at 8pm.


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