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Back to the Future - A Look at Records Management Through the Ages

The Business Case for Change - Objective

IRMS Midlands Group

The group was successfully relaunched on 25 November, under the temporary leadership of Mike Marsh (Interim Chair) and Tim Cotgreave (North Group Chair), supported by Rod Bowie (Midlands Group Treasurer), and Paul Duller (International & Mentoring Director). The event was made possible by generous sponsorship by Data Space DM Solutions UK, and an excellent conference room hosted by Karen Parkin and her team in Nottingham City Council’s smart offices.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, Jane Proffitt (Groups Director) was unable to join us so, following introductions, Paul Duller stood-in for Jane in delivering a Groups and Executive Update.

Mike Marsh’s presentation then took a wistful look back in time and examined the strengths and weaknesses in the methods used to create, record, and store information, from the Stone to the Digital Ages and into the future. Whilst ancient scrolls have survived in a readable format, modern paper and digital equivalents might not. According to Prof David Garner (Royal Society for Chemistry), Vint Cerf (a Google VP), and Harvard University, we are approaching a ‘Digital Dark Age’ as digital photographs, emails and documents become unreadable in their native formats.

In response, Karen Parkin told us how Nottingham council had taken a proactive approach to Information Management by clever marketing of good record-keeping, that engaged with business users; won them over; and made IRM a routine (largely automated) part of business processes.

Gary Beddow and Andrew Marshall from the Objective Corporation then built on this by presenting a case study showing us how ECM/EDRM software can be used, successfully, to leverage and enable Business Process Transformation and improve efficiency, whilst improving end-user job satisfaction.

After a superb buffet lunch (kindly sponsored by Data Space) provided by the council’s catering team, Paul Duller (International & Mentoring Director) explained the benefits of professional qualifications, and of AMIRIMS Accreditation and the alternative ways it can be obtained. Take-up has been slow, but is accelerating as word spreads about how recruiters and employers are now making AMIRIMS a requirement in their job adverts.

The winners in the prize draw for two Amazon vouchers were Sarah Rudge (OFQUAL) and Jason Monks (Nott’s City Council) – just in time for the Black Friday sales!

We went on to discuss the group’s viability, and the sorts of activities that members wanted. It was noted that some employers do not allow time off, and others do not fund travel costs for non-work meetings. Fourteen (plus organisers, hosts, sponsor & presenters) attended this relaunch, and twenty-four others have said they would support the group. So there is good reason for optimism!

However, future success depends on volunteers joining Rod Bowie (Midlands Group Treasurer) to take on the roles of Chair, Secretary and committee. To paraphrase: Your Society needs you!

25 November 2016


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