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IRMS Property Group

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The Property Group supports Information & Records Management staff who work in, or are affiliated with the Property sector including but not limited to Real Estate Investment Trusts, Property Companies, Real Estate Companies and Law Firms. The Property is a fairly young group so is planning to meet quarterly, usually in London. The meetings cover a variety of topics of interest to the property sector community.

Property Group Officers:



Jamie McDonald;
 Jamie has worked at The British Land Company PLC for the last 4 years and has over 9 years of Records Management experience.  Jamie is currently responsible for managing records for the Secretariat, Treasury and Development teams as well as other projects within in the business. His experience includes developing SharePoint team sites, shared drives, electronic file plans, and project records.  He also manages both external and internal projects.



Vice Chair:
Ben Rowlands; 
Ben has worked in the Records Management department at The British Land Company PLC since September 2013 and will be studying for an MA in the profession from September 2014. At British Land, Ben’s role includes providing project based and administrative support to the Records Management team, overseeing the digitalisation and e-structure of Taxation information and promoting best practice in the field of Records Management.


Carey Bio Pic

Carey Clifford;
Carey has worked in the property sector twice – most recently with Grosvenor Britain and Ireland, based in central London.  The job title has changed over the years but most of the issues still seem to be the same: how to persuade users that records management can help them improve their work and save time.  Over the years Carey has worked in most sectors, local and central government, public and private companies as well as quangos and charities. She has extensive experience in all aspects of information management – including SharePoint governance.




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