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21 November 2007 - LGG Meeting

The Local Government Group met on November 21st at the Westminster Archives Centre. The presentations and papers can all be found below (for details of speakers please see the agenda). Please remember that all the presentations are copyright to the author and should not be used for anything other than personal use without the specific permission of the author.

21 November 2007 Hot Potatoes (DOC, 51.5 KB)

21 November 2007 Agenda (DOC, 57.5 KB)

Hitting the Ground Running (PPT, 74 KB)

Information Audits - The Benefits (LGRMG) (PPT, 1.9 MB)

ISO15489 Presentation (PPT, 89 KB)

Records Lifecycle (PPT, 713 KB)

Report (DOC, 35 KB)

RMS Hot Potatoes (DOC, 31 KB)


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