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March 21st 2013 - SharePoint:
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Can we make it work for records management - Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of SharePoint, email management in SharePoint; what are the risks in using SharePoint and how can those risks be mitigated; applying retention policies to SharePoint; managing content types in SharePoint.

July 4th 2013 - Information Assurance:
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Safeguarding the organisation's greatest asset - Information security, information asset registers, developing and applying retention, assessing information risk, looking at appropriate storage, digital continuity, and business continuity.

October 3rd 2013 - Records Management:

So just what is records management in the 21st century - Looking at the role of file plans and classification schemes and how to create them, looking at records management policies, looking at and applying retention schedules, information architecture, section 46 workbook creating a records management programme and the impact of open data on records management, MOREQ 2010.


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