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Date of meeting:                 Friday 18th March 2016

Venue:                                   Westminster Archives Centre

Theme:                                  To Digitise or Not to Digitise


Coffee Followed by Welcome and Housekeeping


Update from the Exec


Key Note Speaker: ERMS – Case study presented by Sarah Graham and Mahwish Noor, NHS England

Implementing an ERMS within NHS England

A real life case study of how the Records Management team at NHS England have begun their journey to create a fully-fledged ERMS.  The challenges, the wins…and the ongoing struggle!



Comfort Break


Metadata: Challenges around Searching and Cataloguing

Anthea Seles, Digital Transfer Manager, The National Archives

Poor metadata has a huge impact on the ability of users to search and catalogue holdings – this session will cover some of the lessons learned and challenges that The National Archives have come across in this regard.


Sponsor Presentation: Box-it

What questions should you ask to help make the decision to digitise or not?

This presentation will explore the questions that Box It ask their clients in order to help them establish the suitability of digitisation.  Box-it will also look at hybrid solutions and how they can provide the best of both worlds by delivering the benefits of digitisation going forward whilst integrating the ability to retrieve paper legacy.



Lunch & Networking Opportunities


To Digitise or Not to Digitise – That is the Question

Presenting the Case for Digitisation: Scott Sammons
Presenting the Case for Not Digitising: Marc Fresko 

This session will take the form of an interactive debate led by Scott Sammons and Marc Fresko. 

The session will begin with presentations looking first at the benefits of digitisation and then, secondly, the caveats which need to be considered when digitising. The session will end with a free discussion led by Scott and Marc where delegates will be able to pose questions and offer their own views on the subject.

 15:15 Summary of the Day and Close
  The date of the next meeting will take place on 1st July 2016


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