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At the Public Sector Group meeting in October 2013 attendees participated in a break out session to come up with thoughts and ideas on the below questions. We have documented their thoughts and feedback for reference. 

Group 1 Fiona Kearney:

Q) Should employees be expected to sift through legacy files to determine if they still harness any business value?
Q) Does keeping everything make sense in case you get  sued, if your company already struggles to find its business information?

Group 2 Jenny Obee:

Q) Does your records programme really apply those retention rules to all electronic records across the authority, or to any of it?
Q) Can we take simplified retention rules and apply them to electronic content?  

Group 3 Emily Overton: 

Q) Is it practical to expect your employees to classify company information given today’s information volumes?
Q) Would your executives really want all employees to spend 10-20% of their day doing records management?

Group 4 Cerys Ledger:

Q) Do records management procedures help the business to be more agile and competitive?
Q) Can your records management program claim millions in savings from its activities?



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