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IRMS Public Sector Group Event

Westminster Archives, London
Friday 07 October 2016

Theme: Awareness
Sponsors: ZL Technologies and AN Information Ltd

In order for our organisations to benefit from our skills and the work that we do, we need to develop 3 different types of awareness: self-awareness, technology awareness, and professional & business awareness. Understanding these 3 types will help us to market and sell the benefits of information management and its off-springs inside our organisations.

Our first speaker was Naomi Jane from the consultancy A Life Less Ordinary who delivered an engaging and interactives session on personal awareness. Naomi spoke about self-awareness and how crucial it is for all walks of life.

Emotional intelligence was discussed and it was noted that this is also a very important factor in leadership. Delegates then discussed their values and what was important to them, a form of self-awareness which Naomi summarised with the line: ‘The more you know yourself, the more power you have!’

Next, Laura Bailey from Zerado spoke about technology awareness. Laura highlighted the rise of ‘blockchain’ technology and asked – is this the records management system of the future?

Blockchain technology consists of cryptology plus databases plus peer-to-peer connectivity. It is most well-known as the technology that underpins BitCoin, but it is also being used to develop a variety of ‘trust’ applications in the public and private sectors. Integrity and security are two of the principles of information management that can be assisted with this technology.

Following a sponsor presentation by ZL Technologies and a break for lunch, Alison North took the floor to speak about professional and business awareness. Alison used the ‘Life of I’ as her theme – the Life of Information!

There were plenty of questions from the audience, including discussion around the ownership of data and the fact that it isn’t always clear-cut. Alison finished the session with a rousing ‘call to arms’ to all information and records managers: “Lay the foundation for the innovations of tomorrow!”


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