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Registration for IRMS Scotland Group Meeting - 15th June 2015

Sunday, 03 May 2015

Managing change: changes in information management standards and legislation

This is the third of a series looking at aspects of managing change in terms of how it provides opportunities for alignment with information management. 
Draft programme and registration is available here:
The event will take place at Napier University, Edinburgh with an aim of providing video conferencing in other locations. To be confirmed. 

IRMS Scotland Group on LinkedIn

Sunday, 03 May 2015

Dear all

The IRMS Scotland Group has set up its own page on LinkedIn to provide a platform for sharing experiences and promoting the group in Scotland.  The group offers:

•Discussion section - for sharing experiences, seeking help from peers, generating debate.  We will also use this section to discuss future group events and seek opinion and offers to be involved.

•Promotion section – for promoting commercially relevant items. 

•Jobs section – for advertising or seeking positions.

The feedback from the last meeting is how useful they are for sharing knowledge and experience and that it would be beneficial to have a similar platform online.  As a number of us are already on LinkedIn, we hope that the LinkedIn group will provide this. 

The group is a private group and you therefore have to request to join. You do not have to be a member of the IRMS to join.  Once you have joined the group, you can post away and we do encourage you to do so. We already have some discussions on collaboration and a request for ideas and suggestions for future events, and we encourage you to start your own or contribute to existing ones.

To join the group, send a request via the following link.

We look forward to seeing your contributions on the page.

IRMS Scotland Group Team

Programme for Scotland Group Meeting - 24th February 2015

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The full programme for the next Scotland group meeting is now online:

We are delighted to hear that there will be around 60 delegates, with some on the waiting list, and looking forward to seeing you all there.


Registration for IRMS Scotland Group Meeting - 24th February 2015

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

In the second of our "Managing Change" events attendees and speakers share their approaches to & experiences of exploiting existing and emerging technologies to more effectively and efficiently manage business information and records across and beyond organisational boundaries.

The event will take the form of

  • eRM case studies from organisations who have used different enabling technologies traditional EDRMS to Sharepoint and Sharepoint alternatives;

  • emerging technologies lightening talks;

  • expert panel discussion. 

The main event will be followed by the IRMS Scotland Group Annual General Meeting for 2015including the Election of the Officers (Chair, Secretary) and Executive Committee.

A full agenda will be available shortly. The event is sponsored by Automated Intelligence and we thank them for their support.

Link to venue information:


To register please go to:

IRMS Scotland Group Meeting - 24th February 2015

Friday, 12 December 2014

Managing Change Part 2 and Group AGM

Stirling University

We have secured a date and venue for our next regional meeting (and AGM). The theme will continue to explore how we can best exploit the opportunities presented by 'change'. The main focus will be recent developments in technology and how these tools might assist IM tasks as well as develop our professional skills.

The programme is being put together by a team of folk and more details will be forthcoming by the end of this month.

Details for the AGM will be available soon so if you are interested in becoming more involved by becoming part of the committee please have a think about it now. If you'd like more information about what is involved please contact me for a chat.

Please put the date in your diaries and we look forward to seeing you at Stirling.

Thanks to Karl Magee for providing us with the venue.


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