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The IRMS Scotland Group are please to invite you to register for the first event of our 2014/2015 programme. The over-arching theme for the year is “A brave new world: how to manage change”  and future events focus on Changing Technologies and Changing Standards. The topic for our first meeting is “Impact of business and political change on information”. This event will take place on Thursday October 9th at Historic Scotland, Longmore House, Edinburgh EH9 1SH from 9.30 to 4.15.

Thanks are due to our event sponsor - BusinessPort, developers of process-driven business management solution - AgilityBMS -

Sessions include:

  • an insight surgery on mergers, demergers and acquisitions
  • changes to business delivery models based on a case study on child protection and GIRFEC (Get It Right For Every Child)
  • economic change based on a  property rationalisation project
  • full audience investigation on exploring opportunities presented by political change in post-referendum Scotland
  • break-out discussion/action planning sessions to enable further development of the day’s key themes around the areas of minimising risk, maximising benefit and exploiting opportunity for information gain.

A copy of the full agenda can be found at the bottom of this webpage 

We have a number of great speakers and panel members and hope that the mix of session types will ensure that everyone who attends will both provide and benefit from the collective value of the event. Outputs from the event will be summarised and distributed for wider reference.

This event is free of charge and is open to all members of the IRMS and the wider community. Should the event be over-subscribed, preferential booking will be given to IRMS members. Please forward this email to anyone you feel may be interested in attending. 

To register for what should prove to be a very stimulating, collaborative, practical and topical event:

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the IRMS Scotland Group using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Heather Jack

IRMS Scotland Group October 2014 Event Co-ordinator


Download this file (Changing delivery models - GIRFEC case study.pdf)Changing delivery models - GIRFEC case study.pdf[Changed to business delivery models. Case Study - McTernan Learning - Child protection and getting it right for every child]1446 kB
Download this file (Impact of Economic and Political Change - Property Rationalisation.pdf)Impact of Economic and Political Change - Property Rationalisation.pdf[Impact of economic and politicl change. Case Study - British Geological Survey - Property rationalisation]1283 kB
Download this file (IRMS purpose plans and membership benefits.pdf)IRMS purpose plans and membership benefits.pdf[IRMS purpose, plans and membership benefits. Q&A session]23 kB
Download this file (IRMS Scotland Event Feedback 201410 ppt.pdf)IRMS Scotland Event Feedback 201410 ppt.pdf[IRMS Scotland event feedback]715 kB
Download this file (IRMS Scotland Oct 9 Agenda.pdf)IRMS Scotland Oct 9 Agenda.pdf[Agenda - IRMS Scotland Meeting 09-10-14]269 kB
Download this file (Longmore House Map.pdf)Longmore House Map[Longmore House Map]108 kB
Download this file (Mergers demergers and acquisitions.pdf)Mergers demergers and acquisitions.pdf[Mergers, de-mergers and acquisitions. Insight survey panel session]82 kB
Download this file (Minimising risks maximising benefits exploiting opportunities.pdf)Minimising risks maximising benefits exploiting opportunities.pdf[Minimising risks, maximising benefits. Break out discussion]92 kB


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