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IRMS South West

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IRMS South West is a vibrant group which not only discusses topics relevant to information and records management, but all aspects of information governance, data protection and freedom of information.   We also provide great networking opportunities for members to exchange news, ideas, as well as learn new skills from fellow information management professionals.

We cover the regions from Lands End eastwards to Swindon/Bournemouth, and northwards to Gloucester, our members come from a wide range of sectors, both public and private, and our membership holds a range of specialist service providers.  We value our members’ thoughts on topics for future events and always aim to include a variety of themes in our Events throughout the year. There is no charge to attend events which we hold twice a year, normally in the Spring and Autumn in the South West Region, and the events normally run from 9:30 to 15:00.

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South West Group Officers:


Andrea Binding

Andrea Binding

Andrea Binding is the Corporate Records Manager for Somerset County Council.  She has over 23 years’ experience of working in the field and graduated from Northumbria University with a Master’s Degree in Records Management in 2006 and more recently obtained ISEB qualifications in Data Protection and Freedom of Information.  She is a member of the IRMS Public Sector Group and has contributed to the Records Management Toolkit for Schools and the Goddard Working Party.

Andrea is passionate about preserving the history of Somerset, having started her career within the Archive Service.  She has a wealth of knowledge of local government record-keeping, including setting up a storage repository, disaster planning and strategic development.  Her paper records management model is recognised as a national exemplar, managed totally in-house, and she won IRMS Team of the Year in 2011. 

She is currently involved in implementing an Information Management Transformation Programme, ensuring electronic record-keeping systems are compliant to legal and business needs,  whilst ensuring the preservation of historical digital records.

Sarah Payne

Sarah Payne

Sarah Payne​ ​works for Somerset County Council, with her current role providing​ support for the implementation of an innovative transformation Information Management Programme involving the delivery of SharePoint and O365 to several Council departments.

Sarah has been involved with IRMS Groups since 2015, providing administrative and event co-ordination support to the IRMS SharePoint Practitioners' Group. She attended and enjoyed her first IRMS conference last year and looks forward to continuously improving and developing her information management skills and knowledge.


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