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The changing face of the IRMS

“Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have”. Margaret Mead

As you may know, at last week’s AGM I took up the post as Chair of the IRMS. I am truly humbled that people felt able to nominate me and that they believe that I can be a Chair to lead the Society into the coming year.

Those of you who have met me, or even read some of my blogs, will know that I always suffer from impostor syndrome. The feeling that there is always someone out there better qualified than I to speak about a particular subject and that I am far from the leading authority on any given subject (except Star Trek - I immerse myself in my knowledge of the world of Star Trek).

I’ve been with the IRMS as a volunteer now since mid 2012 after I was awarded the Alison North New Professional Award. Until that point my awareness of the IRMS was limited. The NPA was highlighted to me by a colleague and I thought ‘well why not?’. If these people are mad enough to like the ramblings I commit to paper then who am I to object? And low and behold my ramblings were indeed enjoyed by the NPA panel and the NPA award now sits in pride of place in my home.

At that point I never thought I would end up where I am today. I still don’t, truth be told, but nonetheless I do appreciate it. Part of the reason for this blog post was to share that appreciation and share a little of myself with you so you know your Chair and get a feel for who I am and what I am about. I’m a little different to those that have come before and I approach the world and the issues we face in a new fashion as well. I’ve been called ‘pragmatic but reliable’ before and I appreciate those labels.

I’ve pretty much done most tasks that the Society has to offer in one way or another. Starting as a Groups Officer, supporting Emily Overton as the then Groups Director, then moving on to eOfficer, a short stint as Membership Director and then into the Treasurer role for 2 years.

I’ve dealt with incidents, membership renewals, our technology, group events, conference, our media & comms – all sorts! This is partly due to my ‘crack on’ attitude of wanting to get the job done but also (I hope) because I’ve built up a track record of delivering tangible and beneficial work not only to the Society but to the membership as well.

I’ve worked with charities and membership organisations in various guises before and that has taught me the value of keeping your organisation’s ideals and your members’ priorities at the heart of what you do. That mentality I firmly want to enhance with the Society as we move forward. The membership survey clearly showed from those that responded that while we do communicate and we do have members’ priorities in focus there is definitely room for improvement and growth. 

I won’t go into details about our forward plan as myself and the other members of the IRMS leadership team will flesh this out in our Strategic meeting in July, but I will say ‘watch this space’. Your Society is in a very good place but we have the potential to be in a far better place. We have some amazing volunteers with us, access to priceless knowledge and creativity, strong relationships with our partners and a healthy financial setup.

Working closely with you, the membership, and some of our existing structures and working groups (for example the Governance Sub-Committee) I want to further enhance and strengthen our core processes so we can then move forward securely and grow and ensure that membership of the IRMS is the requirement that every person involved in Information & Records Management needs to have in order to be the best IRM professional they can be.

It will be a journey and therefore will take time but bear with us as I very much hope you’ll continue to be with us as we make the journey into 2016 and beyond. You can find more details about the IRMS leadership team line-up for the coming year at We welcome some a new face as well as see some old ones end their journey with us. But keep an eye out as opportunities to help out will be coming out throughout the year. 

With most sincere thanks and appreciation, 

Scott Sammons CIPP/E, AMIRMS
Chair, IRMS


Vickie Ambrose Friday, 27 May 2016

Hi Scott, congratulations on your new role.

It was helpful to read your blog which was informative and provides a good snapshot of yourself.

Looking forward to meeting you.

All best

Meic Pierce Owen Tuesday, 24 May 2016

I wish Scott all the very best as he looks to take IRMS forward. I have every confidence that he and the Team now in place are not only ready and willing, but also very much able to take on the challenges and take advantages of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Scott is one of the good guys- pragmatic and reliable yes, but also, I believe, a good deal more than this.

Boldly go Mr Scott- and let us see where you and the Next Generation take us!

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