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Themes for 2009 Conference

Back to the Future?

The 2009 Conference title, “Back to the Future?” reflects the current challenges faced by our delegates, their organisations and the Records Management profession itself.

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Standards in Practice

We are seeing an ever-increasing range of information related legislation, standards and industry guidance operating at local, national and international levels. In spite of the plethora of standards, reports of data theft, loss and maladministration repeatedly hit the headlines.

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Advances in technology present the paradox of new opportunities for collaboration and innovation and new challenges for management and control.

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Training and Development

As technology, systems and processes evolve at an ever-increasing rate, so do our training and development requirements. In order to keep pace with our working environment it is essential that we continue to develop our skills, knowledge and awareness of our chosen sector and also of the related sectors such as IT and business management, if we are to continue to add value within our own organisations.

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Transformation and Change

If we truly believe that we can help drive change within our organisations, then we must be equipped to do so. We have to ensure that the skills and methods we apply are relevant and adaptable to the ever-changing working environment in which we operate.

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