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IRMS Conference 2017

Transformation and Change

If we truly believe that we can help drive change within our organisations, then we must be equipped to do so. We have to ensure that the skills and methods we apply are relevant and adaptable to the ever-changing working environment in which we operate.

We may sometimes feel that our professional advice is not listened to in our organisations, that we are passengers, rather than drivers, in information management projects, and that Senior Management struggle to grasp the fundamental importance of records management to proving the openness, accountability and integrity of the organisation.

If we acknowledge the need for others to change to meet the challenges of the 21st century, then we should also look to ourselves and our profession to ensure we too are changing with the times.

Conference Sessions already confirmed in this Theme

S03 - Transformation through research? The AC+erm Project

  • Rachel Hardiman, Northumbria University

AC+erm—Accelerating the pace of positive Change in electronic records management—is a research project being conducted by the School of Computing, Engineering & Information Sciences at Northumbria University from 2007-2009, under the leadership of Prof Julie McLeod.

Its focus is on designing an organisational-centred architecture from three perspectives:

  • (i) people;
  • (ii) working practices; and
  • (iii) technology.

The session will briefly review the development of the project to date. Delegates will then be invited to provide their own contribution to the project through critical discussion and a sharing of practical experience.

S12 - Nibbling the Information Elephant - five Local Authorities in to one, how do you do that? AND R&IM Change and Transformation - Creating a new Department

  • Christopher Tinsley, Wiltshire County Council
  • Zoe Smyth, Northern Ireland Civil Service

Chris and Zoe are both involved in major change and transformation projects as their organisations undergo significant reorganisation. Wiltshire County Council will become a unitary authority on April1st, 2009 with the merging of district and county council functions. In this session Chris and Zoe will share the pains, pleasures and practicalities of their change and transformation project experiences.

S17 - Tackling the toolsets for “What to keep”

  • Eleanor Russell, The National Archives
  • John Quinn, Department for Children Schools and Families
  • Andrew Selves, The National Archives

“The only constant is change” Heraclitus 535BC – 475BC

As the pace of change appears to become ever faster how can we understand today what information will be important in the future? Even where we think we understand, how can we map this onto the information assets held within an organisation and ensure we can identify, keep and manage the information that is required in a way that best fits the needs of our business users?

S20 - The National Archives Digital Continuity Project

  • Mark Merifield, The National Archives

In our digital world of rapid technological change and growth, we often take for granted our ability to access the information we create without fully understanding the many risks to that information, inherent in both its digital form and the ways in which we value and manage it. Digital Continuity is the idea of ensuring that our data assets can continue to be interpreted as information assets and therefore into knowledge until those information assets are no longer required.

S24 - Modern Records Manager - the glorious adventure from the basement to the bytes

  • Alison Drew, Portsmouth County Council
  • Paul Gibbons, Greater London Authority

This session will take a sideways look at the changing face of the Records Management profession and its many challenges. Through a combination of song, humour and PowerPoint, Alison and Paul will demonstrate the highs and lows that we all experience, comment on the ever widening scope of our responsibilities, and gaze into their crystal ball to predict the records management future. The aim is to provoke thought and laughter in equal measure. You'll be glad you didn't catch the early train home!

S27 - Keynote 4 - Your Career, Your Comfort Zone and Your Future

  • Ruth Badger, Business and Sales Consultant and presenter of the TV show "Badger or Bust"

Ruth will be closing the conference with a highly motivational talk demonstrating, through her own experience, the potential we all have to transform ourselves and effect change within our organisations.


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