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IRMS Conference 2017


From records to information management: understanding and integrating disciplines to develop and grow our profession.

Conference Sessions already confirmed in this Theme

S03 - Information Assurance for Records Managers

  • Paul Dodgson, Driving Standards Agency

Compliance, records management, knowledge and information management, information security, all form part of Information Assurance. This is having an impact upon the records management community and records managers need to know about it. In his presentation, Paul will establish the links between records management, the Information Assurance Maturity Model (IAMM) and the Security Policy Framework (SPF).

My Business unit at DSA of 16 staff dealing with Compliance, Records Management, Knowledge and Information Management and Information security, as such I have a reasonably detailed understanding of the linkages to RM.

As this resonates with Matt’s editorial in a recent edition of the Bulletin, I hope you/the Conference committee see some value.

S10 - Data Protection: Implementation of the New Powers of the Information Commissioner

  • Dawn Monaghan, Information Commissioner Office

Senior Policy manager Dawn Monaghan from the ICO will inform delegates of the recent changes to the Information Commissioners powers, the introduction of penalties and the impacts this may have in the future. She will also cover the key issues and considerations of data sharing, and the interfaces between Data Protection and the Freedom of Information Act.

S12 - Freedom of Information: Round Up of The Latest Decisions

  • Ibrahim Hasan, Act Now Training

A roundup of the latest decisions of the Information Commissioner, the Information Tribunal and the courts under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000.

In the last twelve months we have had many FOI decisions which have caused controversy as well as clarified the law particularly on the applicability of the exemptions. Ibrahim will examine these decisions and draw out the key practice points and mistakes to avoid when making FOI decisions.

S16 - The New World of Electronic Contents Management (ECM) - and The Role of The Information Architect Within it

  • Doug Miles, AIIM Europe

Records Management is the underlying bed rock for a host of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications - document capture, email management, e-discovery, knowledge search, business process management, SharePoint and Enterprise 2.0. Based on AIIM's market research within its 65,000 worldwide community of practitioners, Doug will present the business drivers and trends that are setting the direction for this all-encompassing world of information management, including the new role of "information architect".

S21 - What Makes Good Records Management?

  • Clare Cowling, Solicitors Regulation Authority
  • Lawrence Serewicz, Durham County Council

Whilst it is easy to identify bad records management, good records management is much more difficult to comprehend. Is it about records management being part of the culture? Is it about having qualified and professional staff holding the relevant posts to the discipline? Is it about having management buy-in? is it about bringing records management out of its technical specialism and make it understandable to the staff? How do you know when you or your organisation have achieved good records management?

After exposing their views, Clare and Lawrence will open the debate to participants for a frank and lively discussion on a very pertinent subject for our profession.

S25 - Continued Communication: Maximising Your Communications in a Web 2.0 World - A Follow Up from RMS Conference 2009

  • Elizabeth Lomas, Northumbria University
  • Katharine Stevenson, Continued Communication Research Group

Following on from her presentation at the RMS Conference 2009, Elizabeth, with Katharine, will give practical tips on establishing Web 2.0 policies, procedures and training within different organisational environments. They will give information management professionals and senior managers the confidence to engage with the right collaboration tools for their organisation. They will also challenge Records and Information Management Professionals to confront the fact that humans naturally collaborate through narrative technologies and that in an age of more sophisticated search the requirements for structuring information have radically shifted.


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