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IRMS Conference 2017


Up-skilling to be ready to embrace opportunities and transform yourself.

Conference Sessions already confirmed in this Theme

S01 - Succeeding in Challenging and Changing Times

  • Paul McGee, SUMO

aul McGee will explore the mindsets required to deal with Challenging and Changing Times

S02 - Building Winning Relationships With Customers and Colleagues

  • Paul McGee, SUMO

In this interactive workshop, Paul McGee will explore some of our relationship challenges, what causes conflict and how to work through rather than avoid challenging situations with others.

S06 - The Transformation of a Records Manager to an Information Manager - a Personal Experience

  • Dr David Reeve, Dorset County Council

As the newly appointed Information Manager at Dorset County Council, David has made the professional leap from a traditional records manager in charge of a paper store and implementing an EDRM to information manager. This paper will discuss this transformation, what it means, what he had to learn and will begin to ask some fundamental questions about how we as professionals can either continue to develop in this fast paced electronic information world or retreat back into our basement paper stores.

S11 - Records Management and the Role of the Chief Information Officer in the Public Sector

  • Babis Thodoulidis, Manchester Business School

Babis will explore the records and information management process in the public sector and the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). In particular, he will highlight aspects of the CIO role that identify areas of concern as well as the challenges somebody in that post faces. Furthermore, the presentation will discuss the status of the CIO and the relationships with the other members of the executive hierarchy. Finally, the projects that CIOs in the public sector are currently running in their organisations, the technologies they use and the way they combine different techniques to serve the records and information management process will be discussed.

S15 - Skills to Capitalise on Changing Job Roles and Technologies

  • Sue Hill, Sue Hill Recruitment & Services Ltd
  • Nicola Franklin, Sue Hill Recruitment

Sue and Nicola will examine the themes of the conference - Blossom, Metamorphosis and Spring-loaded and give an upbeat overview of changing job roles, technologies and the skills to capitalise on them.

They will bring their broad knowledge gained through recruiting in all aspects of records and information management in both the public and private sectors and outline how delegates can develop their careers to take advantage of expanding opportunities. They will highlight current skill shortages and trends and elicit input from delegates with success stories to share.

S20 - Moving Towards an Inspiring and Influential Records Manager?

  • Simon Guild, London Borough of Merton
  • Cerys Ledger, London Borough of Merton

In the transformation programme of London Borough of Merton, information is one of the key layers of the target operating model that the Council is seeking to achieve. With budget constraints, year on year uncertainty and attempts at central control, any change to information management will have to be carried out at the team or individual level. So where does this leave records management? We are now starting to see that the Records Manager has think corporately and be there to inspire and influence, whilst letling teams run with their own information and records management improvements.

S24 - Transformation, Metamorphosis in Action

  • Peter Heywood, Success Strategies for Change Agents

How do you think about yourself – in the context of your work, your business and your profession? What are you doing to prepare yourself to embrace opportunities in the future?

This workshop provides you with a unique opportunity to learn how to think about your self - and to begin the process of transforming your self to achieve future success. You will gain an insight into the construction of questions which stimulate thinking at the unconscious level – and take part in structured one-to-one thinking sessions with other delegates.

You will also have the chance to discuss your thinking session experience - and identify opportunities for using thinking sessions at work or in business.

Workshop attendees will be given internet access to a downloadable e-book including details of how to engage with thinking propositions, details of the thinking session approach, and some revealing insights into the meaning of typical responses to thinking questions.

- Why Image Matters?

  • Cliff Bashforth, Colour Me Beautiful

In business, your image is your most important asset. Experience and capabilities alone are insufficient in today’s competitive environment. The way you look tells us all about you, even before you introduce yourself. 90% of people make judgements within about half a minute of meeting you. So, if your packaging is not right, you are not maximising your potential. A positive image will increase your self-esteem, confidence, performance and even the recognition from others.

Cliff will explain why image matters in business, what you need to do to present yourself better, and give invaluable tips on colours, style and image in business.

- Sue Hill Career Surgery

  • Sue Hill, Sue Hill Recruitment & Services Ltd
  • Nicola Franklin, Sue Hill Recruitment

Advice on how to improve your CV and your career prospects - Details to follow soon


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