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Conference Sessions already confirmed in this Theme

S07 - Records Retention Implementation

  • Elizabeth Barber, Kent County Council
  • Alison North, The Genuine Group

The development, by the RMS, of the Local Government Classification and Retention Scheme (LGCRS) has sparked debate in both public and private sectors. The concept of providing a retention scheme as a reference tool that provides legal fact is much misunderstood.

Just how can it be implemented and how much additional work is required to be done to turn the LGCRS into a bespoke retention schedule? Can it be used by every organisation to provide a basis on which to build their records management programme?

This session discusses practical issues regarding the implementation of records retention in all organisations, whatever their sector, and provides examples of how the concept has been implemented within both sectors.

S08b - Information Audits: Options and Opportunities

  • Alison Gibney, CIMTECH

An Information Audit is an opportunity to do many things a records manager dreams of, from creating an information asset register, highlighting aras of concern, identifying potential physical and digital space savings to designing corporate retention schedules and complying with information management laws and regulations.

Audits can be conducted in many ways. Alison weighs up the pros, cons and costs of several audit methodologies. Then she looks at the audit tools available and evaluates them.

S14 - Preservation for Records Managers

  • Mark Allen, Flintshire County Council

It is very likely that historic records will eventually one day pass through the hands of an Archive Conservator. Mark will give a short introduction to what a Conservator can do, and what the Records Manager can do to ensure the longevity of records in long term care. His presentation will include advice on packaging, handling and storage.

S18 - What is Eating Your Collections?

  • Jayne Thompson-Webb, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
  • David Pinniger, DBP Entomology, Cookham, Berks

Pest control is often a reaction to the discovery of insect activity and damage. The aim of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is to provide practical, safe and cost-effective methods to prevent collections and buildings from being damaged by pests. The major causes of deterioration are the effects of temperature, humidity, insects and moulds. All of these factors are inter-related and the IPM approach is to look at the whole picture rather than to react to each crisis.

David and Jane will explain the key elements of an IPM Strategy so that it can be developed and implemented practically to care for collections in the most cost-effective way.

S19 - Social Media

  • Chris Head, Socitm

S23 - Records management as a platform for improved business process efficiency at TSol (Treasury Solicitors Office)

  • Simon Ellis, BOX-IT
  • Pauline Brown, TSol

Simon Ellis will be introducing Pauline Brown of TSol and adding some information about how Box-It and Stortext combine to provide a total records management lifecycle facility which helps records managers to become noticed as proactive enablers of business process efficiency within their organisations.

Over recent months, TSol have upgraded their financial systems, implemented e-procurement and on-line authorisation of in-bound invoices as well as introduced an electronic document management system for invoices.
Pauline will cover what has been done over the last year, by harnessing electronic document management to provide a platform for electronic invoice processing and authorisation and what, with the benefit of hindsight, would she have done differently.

S27 - SharePoint 2007 and 2010 - The Key Questions for Records Management

  • James Lappin, Thinking Records
  • Cerys Hearsey, Metataxis Ltd

Cerys and James will discuss what they regard as the 7 key questions that the rise of SharePoint poses to records management and to records managers.

Topics covered will include the challenges of working with records management tools such as fileplans and retention rules within the SharePoint environment, the key differences between SharePoint 2007 and 2010 and the impact of SharePoint on records management standards.

- Records Management Surgery

This session is open to all who have a burning question about records management to ask it to their peers and hear their answer. All questions are valid as long as it is about information and records management! They can be practical or more strategic. They can be about paper records or digital records, about staffing levels, about responsibilities, about retention, about file plans, about qualifications... You make up the agenda by asking! For the session to be successful, there must be a willingness for all participants to share their knowledge and experience. It maybe that nobody has the definite answer, but at least the question would have been asked! Any unanswered question will be posted on the records-management-uk listserv after the conference for the wider IRM community to answer. Join in, get asking, get answering!


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