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IRMS Conference 2017

Luxury or Necessity?

Information and records management in the world of Governance, Risk and Compliance

The past few years have been difficult times for all organisations of all sizes and in all sectors and the temptation do downsize or even abolish information and records management functions in organisations has been all too commonplace in public and private sectors alike.  Nevertheless the role of the information and records manager is more vital now than ever: we are in an ever increasingly compliance focussed and litigious world and so organisation not only have to do the correct thing, in the correct way and at the correct time but they also have to demonstrate this.  As well as this, the legislation surrounding how information and records need to be managed is growing and so there is an obligation to ensure that these laws are observed. Failure of IRM in either area can lead to an adverse impact on an organisation's reputation, sometimes irreparably.

Adopting effective information and records management practices and procedures enables an organisation to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations and to provide information when  required to do so in accordance with the provisions of particular legislation; ensures that an organisation maintains the appropriate documents to be able to defend itself against litigation in the defence of any action, assisting with processes such as discovery and disclosure and demonstrates that an organisation takes information accountability seriously. 

The 2014 IRMS Conference focusses on the importance of this aspect of Information and Records Management bringing together some of the worlds most respected commentators and practitioners. Whether a first time delegate or a regular attendee, the IRMS Conference is the must attend event for anyone who works in managing records and information.


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