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Local Government Classification Scheme v2.03

Date added: 19 April 2008

The Local Government Classification Scheme has been issued to support local authorities in the development of classification schemes for local government business. Its objective is to promote improved records management practices within local government, particularly (but not exclusively) with the development of electronic document and records management solutions. This scheme is not meant as an alternative or replacement for the IPSV. That scheme has a different purpose and you should access the ESD toolkit web site for more information. This scheme is not mandatory and is not and cannot be regarded as complete. The scheme was designed to assist organisations when building their own schemes, no responsibility can be accepted for content and support for version update migration paths will not be provided.

Version 2.03 is released below for use and consultation.

The LGCS is currently under maintenance. A maintenance schedule is currently being developed and the RMS will be seeking tenders from parties interested in maintaining the LGCS and other Schemas as they come online. Notice is given that the LGCS and future versions will soon be moved to the member only area.

Alternatively, the LGCS v2.03 can be discussed as a topic on the RM listserv. Please continue to contribute your thoughts and ideas to make the LGCS a useful structure for Local Authorities to manage their information.

The Scheme has been produced in a number of formats and these are represented below.

Comments are best placed via the ESD tookit standards web site. If you do not have access to this resource, contact the RMS office, via the link below.

It is important to note that this scheme is a suggested solution only and will have to be adjusted to fit local requirements. Its use must be acknowledged as appropriate. Please do share with the RMS any changes you make or suggestions you have.

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LGCS 2.03 (DOC, 1.7 MB)

LGCS 2.03 (PDF, 374.1 KB)

LGCS 2.03 (XML, 165 KB)

LGCS 2.03 (XML, 360.1 KB)

LGCS IPSV 2.03 (DOC, 860 KB)

LGCS IPSV 2.03 (PDF, 171.1 KB)

LGCS IPSV 2.03 (XLS, 99.1 KB)

LGCS IPSV mapping 2.03 (XML, 184 KB)

LGCS LGSL 2.03 (DOC, 473 KB)

LGCS LGSL 2.03 (PDF, 154.5 KB)

LGCS LGSL 2.03 (XLS, 114.4 KB)

LGCS LGSL Mapping 2.03 (XML, 131.4 KB)

LGCS Word 2.03 (DOC, 2.3 KB)

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