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Local Government Classification Retention Scheme (LGCRS) - News

Date added: 20 March 2009

The Records Management Society is delighted to announce the launch of our new product the Local Government Classification Retention Scheme (LGCRS).

The Local Government Classification Retention Scheme (LGCRS) launched on 23rd October 2009. Click here for full details.

We are pleased to be developing the Scheme in partnership with the Genuine Group who are amending their online Regal database for this project. It will be provided free to members via the RMS website. Considerable work has been undertaken to match the classification scheme to the legislation and regulations that govern records retention in the local government sector. Delivered as an online reference tool it will provide up to date information on records retention for local government.

The LGCRS will be available free of charge to members only via the RMS website. There will be a reports function within the database that will allow members to download the classification scheme with the name of the citation, retention period from the LGCRS but not the full legislation / regulations extracts. Members will be required to accept terms and conditions of use prior to initial viewing of the database.

The project is being completed in 3 phases:

Stage 1 Research, design and development of the retention database;

Stage 2 Mapping of levels one and two of the classification scheme;

Stage 3 Mapping of level 3 of the classification scheme by the LGCRS Review Panel.

Stages 1 and 2 are complete and stage 3 is currently underway.

LGCRS Review Panel

The LGCRS Review Panel is a sub-committee of the RMS Executive and has the following terms of reference:

The LGCRS Review Panel will review all the legislation/document types and will work to develop the level 2 and 3 headings with Genuine Group to ensure that the correct record series have been included with the legislative framework.

To resolve any ambiguities in the retention periods.

To consider how retention periods which have no statutory basis can be identified, agreed and, if possible, added to the database.

The membership of the LGCRS Panel currently is as follows:

Elizabeth Barber (Chair), Alison North, Claire Park, Darren Fayker, David Bridge, Iain Harrison, Jane Thain, Mark Jones, Rob Hutton, Ruth Harding, Sarah Demb, Sarah Graham, Yakubi Bayi, Anthony Mann, Alex Hodge, Gwenda Sippings, Helen Amber, Jody Salisbury, Richard Jeffrey Cook, Rita Scollan, Robert Chell, Robert Muglestone, Sue Broughton, Susan Smith, Paul Duller, Tom Devenish and Tony May.

The Review Panel will be working on Stage 3 phase of the database over the next 6-8 months and will be responsible for reviewing the following areas:

  • Check the level 2 headings
  • Review the scope notes
  • Review the level 3 headings
  • Review the document types and review which heading they come under
  • Suggest scope notes for the document types
  • Review the retention periods and the legislative background
  • Suggest additional legislation to be researched
  • Suggest additional document types to be added

The LGCRS Review Panel met for the first time on May 28th 2009. The agenda and papers from the meeting are available on this page. The project plan for the management of the project is also available on these pages.

A copy of the ongoing project plan and progress reports will also appear on these pages as the work progresses.

If you have any questions or comments about the progress of the project or the work of the LGCRS Review Panel please contact us.

If you have any questions or comments about the use or future development of the LGCRS database please contact us.

LGCRS Review Panel Agenda 28 May 2009 (PDF, 22.1 KB)

LGCRS Review Panel Minutes 28 May 2009 (PDF, 35.5 KB)

Co-operation between the Records Management Society of Great Britain (Local Government Group) and the Local Government esd-toolkit (PDF, 38.5 KB)

Legislation Research for Rules on Retention and Disposal an explanation by Yakubu Bayi (PDF, 428.3 KB)

LGCRS Timeline (PDF, 55 KB)

LGCRS Project Brief (PDF, 47.7 KB)

LGCRS Review 1 (PDF, 13.2 KB)

LGCRS Review 2 (PDF, 12.4 KB)

LGCRS Review 3 (PDF, 12.8 KB)

LGCRS Review 3 (PDF, 15.2 KB)

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