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CONSULTATION: MoReq 2010: Second Phase - Draft Consultation

Date added: 23 November 2010

The second stage of the MoReq consultation begins tomorrow, 24 November 2010. The consultation is only open for a month and closes on Boxing Day.

As well as having a IRMS response, we would like to encourage all IRMS members to provide a contribution to the consultation if they so wish.

The draft of the core of MoReq 2010 is due to be published on the MoReq2010 consultation portal Any individual will be free to register and contribute to the consultation until Boxing Day. Other material is expected to be open for consultation upon in January.

In terms of the IRMS response, if you wish to take part in the Society’s main discussion, a group has been set up on IRMSpace as a submission portal to enable all to provide their thoughts.

The IRMS Exec will be discussing this matter at its forthcoming meeting on 14 December where all comments received until that point will be considered. There may be further contributions and we hope that we can come up with a final response by 24 December 2010.


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