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The Local Government Classification Retention Scheme (LGCRS)

The Local Government Classification Retention Scheme (LGCRS) is a database which provides an online, web-based Records Retention Reference Tool. The scheme is based on the Local Government Classification Scheme (LGCS). When constructed in the mid to late 2000s, the scheme was mapped to UK legislation and regulations, IPSV (Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary) and the LGSL (Local Government Service List). Its retention periods are limited to legislative retention periods. 

Please note that the IRMS no longer manages or maintains the LGCRS.  Whilst member access will be maintained for a time, the IRMS cannot guarantee the on-going validity of either the data or the structure of the Scheme. 

Up to date retention data can be found in the IRMS retention wiki.  This wiki, which was launched in May 2014, has been developed specifically to offer the profession the opportunity to develop collaborative best practice on 'business-based' retention as well as up to the date legislative requirements, not just for UK local authority documents, but for all sectors across the Globe.

For local authority Business Classification, practitioners should continue to use the Local Government Classification Scheme- LGCS- which is available to download free of charge from the appropriate public access page of this website.

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